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About Us: Gold Trading Post is an Old Trading Post, Inc., Company and Gold Trading Post is the culmination of a lifetime of Coin Collecting and Bullion Investing. The development of Gold Trading Post is absolutely a result of the current economic conditions around the world, which have resulted in a surge of interest in both Coin Collecting and Bullion Investing. We are not Commodities Consultants and we are not Financial Advisors we simply wish to provide a fun and informative forum to safely buy, sell or trade Collectible Coins and/or Bullion Coins from around the world.

Pricing: The pricing on Gold Trading Post is based on daily market conditions in both Bullion Investing and Coin Collecting both of which have exhibited extreme volatility over the last couple of years. We strive to maintain a very fair pricing structure on all of our products, although that being said the volatility of the markets has made this a bit more difficult at times to maintain. If you find an item that you feel is priced outside of your price parameters please feel free to call us 1-888-653-8723, and make us an offer on the item we are always willing to talk with anyone whatever the question may be.

Information: On the Homepage of Gold Trading Post we offer a variety of Internet Information Feeds including PRECIOUS METALS PRICES Including Rhodium, Platinum, Gold & Silver we also have a Video Feed for the Daily Business News. We also offer additional information which comes from various Internet Feeds including Graphs and Charts reflecting Oil Prices for WTI & BRENT Crude Oil also the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), Nasdaq Volume and the NYSE Volume. We will add an Information and Reference Category as we build this website over time but as you could imagine there is quite a large database to build for that category.

Corporate Information: Old Trading Post, Inc., is a Family Owned Business consisting of a variety of Internet Businesses, Gold Trading Post is one of many which are Operated by the Owners David Skier & Michael Skier. It is our pleasure to maintain and offer websites such as www.oldtradingpost.com which is our very first and oldest of our online businesses, specializing in Modern & Period Authentic Old West Apparel & Accessories. We also present www.vintagegunleather.com which is a Highly Informative website specializing in Old West Saddlery & Leather Goods including Old Saddlery & Gun Leather Catalogs. www.oemprintersupply.com a fantastic source for outdated and obsolete Printer Cartridges & Ribbons also supplies for Green Bar Printing and Dot Matrix & Line Printers. Soon to be developed will be www.the2chessmen.com and a re-introduction of www.oldtradingpostbootcorral.com both which are in development stages and we hope to have these operational over the next 2 years.